Web counter with statistic
Web brojač sa statistikom

Release: 1.00 - stable on 20/01/2021 14:04

Last update: There are >5% of the records changed in this monthly update due to IP address range reallocation and new ranges becoming available.

Counter development is abandoned due to insufficient donation.
Feel free to use this obsolete version.

On this page you can buy an advanced statistics counter for your website that I developed for a long time. HTML, php, JavaScript and css were used in development. Images of browsers, OS, flags, numbers, IP addresses, and language code in the browser are free material from the net. I animated numbers myself at GIMP. The counter has been released from Beta phase on 15/09/2014. It meaning that is suitable for permanent use. Statistics data for counter is taken from 3 sources, IP address, ip2geolocation + additional reserve database, and visitor browser. The counter works in two languages, Croatian or English, and this option may be selected in the configuration. It is NOT necessary to use a database such as MySQL! Configuration of the counter is very simple and is done in one, possibly two, documents. Configuration instructions are added with all other documents. At work it is very savory. At the "Stats" link you can track statistics on computers that visited your site. Because of the many evolving problems encountered, the counter uses cookies, but the visitor's "memory" is based on the IP address of the computer. Before final use, the counter has been traced to a well-visited site and has no problem with a visit of 1200 unique daily! You can see the counter yourself on right because I use it on this page. Thank you for using my counter! DONATIONS IS APPRECIATED!! Counter is free software without any warranty but with the best wishes and use it at your own risk! I wish You a lot of success and all the good!
Counter is fully functional in PHP versions from 5.x to 7.1.33


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Since Tuesday, 15. July 2014.